100% Jesus Approved!

That’s right kids…all CD’s in my catalog will be $9.99 USD through the end of the year. That converts to $7.40 Euros for my friends over the pond! We’ll call this my pagan Halloween, obese Turkey Day, Jesus’ Birthday CD Blowout Spectacular! Here’s what’s available below… just click on Discography link to order your CD’s securely online. You can sample half the new album at KP MySpace.

Have a great holiday season and lay off the multi-tasking!

Brand New Bag - 2007
“A refreshingly humble yet ambitious record that reveals its force with repeated listens, especially on the swooning noised laced Sometimes.”
- The Onion

“It’s a Cracker… 100% Guaranteed!”
- Miles of Music

“Iowan Kelly Pardekooper sounds as if he’s channeling The Dandy Warhols on Brand New Bag, the retro-rock, groovy title track that sets the album off on the right course. 8/10 stars”
- PopMatters

Haymaker Heart - 2005
“A sinuous atmospheric spaghetti-western shootout between Dire Straits and Calexico.”
- No Depression

“Haymaker Heart moves from Steve Earle to Beatles to Buzzcocks.”
- Rockzilla

House of Mud - 2003
“A moody alt-country original.”
- Nashville Scene

“Forced to pick favorites for the year, House of Mud is all grit and guts in the best possible sense!”
- Des Moines Register

Johnson County Snow - 2000
“There’s not a weak track to be found. The lyrics are wonderfully original and moving. I’m a DJ in Tucson and I’ve been playing the heck out of it.”
- KXCI, Laurie Starr

“Loaded with hooks, high energy, and hummable melodies. Pardekooper is a first-rate vocalist.”
- All Music Guide

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