2NMC Music Conference

So today I’m trying to recover from the Nashville New Music Conference. What a huge amount of information to try and absorb over three days. The timing is perfect for me with a new CD coming out soon. It was great to meet so many other Indy musicians and what a super panel of music biz speakers/coaches.

Personal highlights: Meeting Dez Dickerson, the original guitar player for Prince during the Purple Rain hey days. He was a great speaker and knew all about playing small town Iowa. Atom…I wish you could have been there. Funny stories about Prince being awful as a performer when he started. Hard to believe his Purpleness was once a shoe-gazer.

My roomy Rich and I caught a fun band late last night called the Carter Administration at the Radio Cafe. Fun two minute power-pop rawk stuff. Check them out if that’s your thing. The Radio Cafe has indeed become my fave little East Side hang. Cheap PBR in 16 oz cans and they are now actually playing House of Mud in the bar. I’ll be playing the Radio Cafe sometime in October, they dig my music, I’m just trying to find some dates that work. Keep your eyes on the tour dates page.

Ohhh that’s probably enough for now…it’s officially afternoon so I should get on my bicycle and blow out some of this late night smoke.

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