$5 CD Fire Sale

So now that I have moved all my music crap out of Midwest storage and into Los Angeles storage…I’m needing to clean house. Seriously, we live in 500 square feet in LA now while looking for a house on the west coast. For you folks who still buy and value those shiny little CD’s… I just slashed the prices on my titles at CD Baby for group sales. Yes, in honor of another smoky wildfire week in Southern California, please take some of this CD stock off my hands. $5 CD Fire Sale! Cheaper than lower quality iTunes downloads! How can you beat that?? Just stick one in your CD player and turn it up loud baby…then try that with your hip little stinkin’ mp3 version. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell Smoky the Bear. He lives out here in Cali you know….and he’s buying a couple CD’s to get him through the lonely nights.

I’m not trying to belittle or devalue a decade worth of music output…but most my song biz is now publishing and digital. So the hard copy CD’s are really just brown boxes taking up space and pissing off my wife. Feel my pain folks?? There you go, that’s my sales pitch. I have worked with CD Baby since 1998 and they were a great little company that has grown up to be a great bigger company…and still nice to little obscure indies like me. Here are some handy links below that will take you right to my albums. Could I make it any easier?? You know, CD’s also make very nice coasters…and gun targets for trap shooting. And who can forget the farmers who hang them up spinning in trees to stop birds from flying too close.That’s where I will be donating the rest of my CD stock soon…to a nice local California wine maker…in exchange for some red hooch!

Brand New Bag (2007) My favorite album (except Haymaker Heart)...most everything I ever wanted to hear or express in music. Featuring “Quiet Tonight” as heard in feature films April Moon and Sex and the USA. “8/10 Stars!” - Pop Matters

House of Mud (2003) Recorded at Jimmy Buffet’s Shrimpboat Sound studio in Key West and featuring Teddy Morgan and Bo Ramsey on guitar.

Johnson County Snow (2000) Devil’s House Band album. Featuring “Fly on the Wall” as heard on HBO hit vampire series True Blood.

30-Weight (1998) This album sucks (just kidding)...maybe just embarrassing to hear now…but I’m still kind of proud of this first lonely stumble.

What else…I have a whole new batch of songs and I’m trying to figure out how to go forward with recording them in 2009/2010. Hard to know these days the best way to bring the music out of the basement…

And shit! More importantly, I almost forgot to rant about my current dilemma. This weekend begins college football. I grew up in Iowa City and graduated from the University of Iowa. I even pole-vaulted for the Iowa track team a lifetime ago. Needless to say, I am a die-hard Iowa sports fan…‘til death do us part. However… I now live in Los Angeles, and my wife has just taken a sweet new medical job at USC. I really don’t know if I can root for USC…ever. I love the Dodgers, and the Lakers are easy to embrace when you come from a small town with no pro sports teams. But root for USC??? The monster…the private school…the University of Spoiled Children??? Check back in a couple years…I just can’t do it yet. For my friends in Europe…imagine you have moved away from your local football team…it’s very difficult to change or even add loyalty. College football is probably the closest Americans come to the the insanity of European football (soccer). It’s very regional and all about where you come from…and I come from the corn state of Iowa. Now go buy my cheap ass CD’s before I get the gun for some trap and skeet target practice!

Happy Fall!


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