KP does Anime..

Greetings music friends!

A quick update. My song “Whisker Brain” was used recently in a commercial to promote the CW show Supernatural: The Anime Series. It’s a 30 second spot and it may be my favorite music placement yet. Really well produced and the song/voice are highlighted throughout. I’m told it’s already been viewed nearly a million times on facebook and is being broadcast all over TV to promote the new show. You can check it out here at KP does Anime

I also have a rare band show in Indy at The Melody Inn on September 7th. My first show of the year! Boss lady booked this show..think I’m working for her now:) Doors open early at 7pm, I’m onstage at 8:30pm sharp. Come say hi if you’re around Indianapolis.

I’ve also started making some rough song demos in the attic. Slow plans being made to record later this year. Maybe a little digital EP by the end of the year. I’ll be going down to Bloomington, IN to work again with producer Paul Mahern. Will keep you posted on how that all shakes out.

And had a fun basement find last weekend. A CD recording of a show from Frankfurt, Germany with Teddy Morgan. I went ahead and added the show to and you can check it out here at Sinkkasten.

Think that covers my music news friends. Have a great Summer/Fall season! Try to be kind to each other out there. Gentle reminder that my entire album catalog is available right here at Kelly Loves You!


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