50-Weight album

Hello music friends!

I’ve just started taking preorders for my ninth album 50-Weight. Happy to start sharing the new sounds. Producer Bo Ramsey worked really hard on this project and we’re both proud of the outcome. From Iowa barn studios to Nashville’s been a fun few months. Hope you dig it! The official release date next month is October 26th. I have some old friends who will be helping me try to garner some radio and press attention between now and then.

A quick thank you to my music publisher Bob Mair at Black Toast Music. His TV/FILM placements and associated royalties over the past decade have provided the micro recording budgets for my last four albums. I believe strongly that producers, engineers and studio musicians deserve to be paid and that’s gotten challenging for middle class musicians in the streaming era.

Some of you folks have been on my email list for 20+ years now! I’m extremely grateful for that support and I wanted you guys to know about the new album first. Here’s the 50-Weight album preorder link below. You can order CD or Digital Download formats and you’ll get two new songs instantly. I’m not a crazy audiophile, but I would recommend CD or the higher quality download options to really hear the album in full glory. That’s my pitch. I’ll share more as we get closer to the release date, but if you could also help spread the news, that would be swell.
Gracias! KP

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