Album Release Day!

Today is the day music friends!

My ninth album 50-Weight is flying out into the world right now. A big thank you to all the folks who already pre-ordered the CD/Download. I’m really proud of the album. Feels like a good 20-year music bookend and working with the mighty Bo Ramsey again gave it the necessary Iowa vibes.

My years working at alt-weekly newspapers taught me to never be afraid to ask for the sale, so I’ll get right to it. You should order my new album right now/right here at this link => 50-Weight. You can buy the gorgeous and limited matte finish full color CD w/Digital Download..or just the Download version for you streamers. That’s it. That’s my sales pitch. You can also find the album now at all the major streaming services. I want people to hear the new music, so please go find it wherever you listen to music these days.

Early feedback on the album has been really great. Here’s an embarrassingly kind review from yesterday at No Depression. And a new song premiere with mucho love from Little Village. And we’ve got a whole lot of NPR/Americana type radio stations in the U.S. and Europe who are about to start broadcasting the new sounds.

I don’t tour anymore, but the occasional shows still tend to happen around the holidays. Next month over Turkey weekend, I’ll be doing a set in Iowa City at The Mill on November 24th. David Huckfelt was kind enough to let me jump on his bill. Doors are open early at 7pm and you can buy tickets via this link at The Mill.

Think that about covers it. If you could help spread the word about the new album that would be swell.

As always, many thanks for the years of support. Try to be kind to each other out there people!

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