Plugging Away

Busy busy busy…not sure how life got so damn full, but I’m running hard these days! Here’s the quick music skinny as I’ve slowed down on the website updating.

Got some studio dates held back home in early September with Bo Ramsey. Gonna take a whack at documenting next batch of songs. Looking forward to that ride. Will probably try and do a couple Iowa shows around those studio dates. Keep ya posted on that.

Been thinking about the concept of “album” and how it’s changed so quickly…even since my last release five years ago. I have basically waited until my TV publishing income could finance my next “album” recordings. And now that I’m there I’m wondering if people even want or need a hard copy of a CD anymore? Technology lets me deliver new music directly to iTunes for downloads and to my music publisher for copyright exploitation. But I do love the artwork invloved with music releases. When I started making little rough demos of these songs I only sent copies to Bo and Gene Flores. Gene’s artwork is all over my home and he is the artist for Brand New Bag CD cover. Gene has already created an original gorgeous art piece based on that spare demo, so I may need to have a limited custom release of some type to honor that art. I really like the idea of releasing new work with other artists and I think Gene’s work is amazing. I’m beyond humbled to collaborate with Bo and Gene.

What else…here in LA I’ve recently hooked up with a multi talented musician named Jesse Stern. He’s the touring bass player for Jordin Sparks and we have been writing and recording together for my publisher Black Toast Music. Knocked out four songs this past month. It’s been a fun process learning to stretch some new creative and vocal muscles. Quick turnaround write and record sessions. I have liked the change of pace of not being so emotionally attached to the song. Not fretting over it so much. The more musical paint brushes the better I think. We have been doing some spec type song recordings on Wednesdays that may actually be available to download on iTunes at some point. Will keep you posted on that too. Think we settled on the Duncans for recording band pseudonym.

On the TV front, my July quarterly reports had my songs in these shows: True Blood, Cold Case, All My Children, Emeril Green, My Big Redneck Wedding, Jerseylicious, Flipping Out, Pretty Wild, When I Was 17, 101 Tastiest Places To Chowdown.

My Pro Tools home studio is an ongoing education. Sometimes frustrating but glad to be creating again…even if it’s just random noises that make me headphone happy. I will leave you with this little video photo collage for the song “Too Late”. From the Haymaker Heart album I recorded with John Svec the last time I made an album back home in Iowa City. Looking forward to working with John at Minstrel again too!

Be good and thanks for giving a damn. I really am going as fast as I can….


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