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Hello friends,

Some news. I’ve been working with downtown Indy based Alpine Realty the past nine months. I started as a part-time leasing agent and that has slowly transitioned into my acquiring an Indiana brokers license. I’ve been enjoying the new work and suppose it’s a natural transition for me. Most of you already know Karen and I have done some pretty extensive home renovations in Los Angeles and downtown Indianapolis (see home page photo).

So now that I’m legal, I wanted to reach out to let folks know I can help them buy a home in Indianapolis. My boutique plan is to help 4-6 buyers a year find Indy homes while continuing to work in home leasing as well. Feel free to pass my info to any Indy friends you think I can help. My cell is still 323-377-7075 and my newer work email is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

And never fear music lovers! I’m currently working on songs for my ninth album 50-Weight, to be released sometime in the next 18 months to coincide with my 50th year around the sun. If you’ve followed my music career the past 20 years, you know my song inspiration has always come from the everyday living. Indy real estate music is simply my everyday living circa 2017.

Have a wonderful Fall!


Alpine Realty
Alpine Realty

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