Guten Tag

Amsterdam is a very cool city. This is our current home base for the Netherlands part of the tour. Lots to see and do in this town. Here’s a special Euro journal guest, Atom.

ATOM: things are strange here. i mistakenly took kelly to the rijksmuseum when i thought we were going out for falafel. we saw many “dutch masters”, but they were not, unfortunately, cigars. i almost stumbled into a canal. i started thinking about the physicality of geography, and how those things intersect. most of all, the music is rocking, and getting better. you’ll hear from me again. i know where you live, and miss you.


The first two shows were great! The people are treating us wonderfully. Clean air and amazing food.

Okay kidz…We gotta split this internet cafe. I’ll try to bring you more guest journal entries as we trek along. Send us good thoughts.

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