So we finished the tour last night at a funky little club in Amsterdam called Maloe Malo. A dirty little rockin’club with a lot of history. A great time…the owner of the club was a super cool guy named Jur who showed us pictures of himself playing accordion with Doug Sahm…so of course we got him up to play “Compromise"and “Key to my Heart”. We also left him my cowboy hat signed by all the band members…a funny smoke floats in the air of Amsterdam clubs like this one….makes the stage lights pretty…

We seemed to have brought snow with us on this tour. Amsterdam had the biggest snowfall in 20 years yesterday…like 8 inches…which is unheard of in Holland in March. We got in great snowball fights with the kids in the streets.

Í‘m pretty whooped. There is a cumulative fatigue that sets in after a month of touring and belting out songs that is unlike anything I have ever experienced physically. I am ready to rest. This band will be doing one more show together at the Iowa City Yacht Club March 11th before I go hibernate and recover in the warmth of Nashville.

Special thanks to our people in Europe. Rudiger at Trocadero Records, Bas at Belmont, Mike at Encore, Wolfgang and Benno and Bart. Ya’ll made this thing happen and we apprecate it. Lots of great press and reviews on the new CD and our live show. Also, thanks to our new and old friends who came to see the shows and bought all the CDs. You got an authentic dose of Iowa and we’re glad you liked it…thanks for all the emails and all the pictures you have sent to me…

Finally…hats off to the band. Eric Straumanis, John Svec, and Matt Winegardner. This group turned into a muscular rock band and it was great fun to hear it evolve. A good time was had by all…thanks to all for the wonderful hospitality.

We’re coming home.

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