April Fool

So I’m turning 37 this weekend. Shit that sounds old! I remember distinctly thinking in my twenties there was no way I would make 30. Never in a million years. But here I am still breathing. Sorta smoky breathing these days. Getting older is a funny thing. I guess I’m a bit wiser in some ways. But I also know I still have a child-like wonder a lot of the time when looking out at the world. I don’t ever want to lose that. Kids can see that in me. And don’t let any musician con you…we are all living extended childhoods to some extent. Some of us more honestly than others.

I also feel gravity more these days. I used to actually be pretty fit physically and now when I go up and down the ladder I’m not quite as spry as I used to be. Could be the younger days football and pole-vaulting and bridge jumping coming back to bite me in the ass now. However, I would not trade those earlier physical thrills for pristine health. I don’t want to live forever anyway, but who knows maybe I’m open to making it to 40.

Oh yeah…I also just signed a twenty album recording contract with Def Jam. The record executive was another pathetic baby boom hipster aging badly and too vain to get out of the way and off the stage. But they flew me out to Seattle to wine and dine me at the 13 Coins restaurant. They also bought me a Hummer, and tour van, and I’ve got Kid Rock opening for me this summer for my upcoming stadium tour. Dr. Dre will be producing my next album now that I’ve soaked up the hood in East Nashville. I’m just too legit to quit baby…

Peace out and Happy April Fools!

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