April Moon

So I just got word yesterday that my song “Quiet Tonight” was selected to be used in the upcoming feature film April Moon. I guess the film is playing some festivals in California next month and then being distributed by Lifetime Entertainment. Anyone familiar with this song knows that it uses technology references and compares it to your love life. Apparently the movie has a tech geek who is frustrated in love….“I don’t like my website, ‘cause it’s like my love life. So out of date and the content’s not right”. They are using one minute of music with lyrics and then a couple minutes of instrumental. A funny business this music publishing gig.

Also, I finally got a job out here in California. It’s been a lot tougher finding work in this economic climate than I thought it would be. I’m working for an old Hollywood prop rental company called Bischoff’s. They have been around since 1922 and date back to the Wizard of Oz era. Kind of full circle for me, I worked for years in Iowa City for a local rental company prior to my 10 year music odyssey. This job should be a good fit for me. A casual work environment and I’ve already worked with creative-type production folks from CSI, Criminal Minds, Tonight Show etc. I really don’t take for granted how lucky I feel to have new employment these days…

That’s about it. Still plugging away (very slowly) at a new batch of songs. Going to see JJ Cale tonight with some old musician friends from Iowa, Bo Ramsey & Pieta Brown. LA is a good city to see music and I’m trying to make the time for some new audio input.

Be good,


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