Back in Iowa w/photos

So I’m slowly getting settled back in here at home. I’m still waking up at about 5am but I’m kind of liking the quiet mornings. I think I have missed the quiet, and I didn’t realize it until all the constant motion of the tour ended. It’s good to be home.

Went and saw Robbie Fulks last night. There were only about 35 people at the show on a Friday night and he was just great. Kind of sad. Yes, back to the land where live music is dying and dance beats rule the pretty people fashion victims who really believe Gap clothes will make them cool and get them laid and yada yada yada. Sorry, seeing Robbie last night is making me ornery this morning. It’s good to be home.

What else…Trocadero Records is going to be releasing an album by Eleni Mandel called Country For True Lovers. Very cool CD. Had a nice email exchange with her about a song on the album called Iowa City. She nails my little burg quite well in the tune. Check it out.

What else…I should thank all you Euro folk for sending the nice emails, pictures, and recordings. I appreciate the support and I have just got some of these new photos up on the site (see photo section). I’m also thinking about releasing a little lo-fi Live in Europe CD for Christmas. We’ll see if I can get it together.

I’ll be back in the studio to start wrapping up the next CD soon. This has been a fun low-key year-long project with John Svec, and I’m looking forward to getting back to it. I think almost every musician I know will be on this next CD.

Well…that’s about it from the homefront. I have leaves to rake and fresh air to breathe this morning. Take care and don’t forget to vote next week if you have local or state elections!

“Thirty years on, something went wrong, so she took a lot of pills and died”
- Robbie Fulks

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