Belly Up to 4 more years->

So the American people have spoken and I’m still in a fog. Cold rain coming down in Nashville today and it seems quite appropriate. But the sun will come out again and we’ll live to fight another day and there’s plenty to do in our own backyards.

To my friends in Europe who I’ll be seeing again soon. Sorry…we tried. Guess my friends and I are in the minority voting class these days…just barely. Hardly a sweeping electoral mandate, we’re a very divided country. At least more people voted and actually participated this year which is good… Looking forward to bringing my Iowa boys along for the European tour this time around and enjoying your amazing brews again. I appreciate the emails from your side of the world. Any nice Dutch or German girls over there in need of a house-boy? I’m your guy. I’ll bring a resume. I have lots of skills and it wouldn’t break my heart to live outside the United States some over the next few years. I’m serious…an open offer.

Shit…I’m just really at a loss…Think I’ll be belly up to a fine neighborhood happy-hour for a while… licking my election wounds….

New music is coming soon. I promise. I’ll even sell you a CD if you voted for Bush. How’s that for not being a sore loser?

In peace and resignation,

I don’t like my website
‘cause it’s like my love life
So out of date
and the content’s not right
- Quiet Tonight

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