Hard to describe Berlin…

The club, Wild at Heart, was full of rockabilly flames and tattoos, so we were quite at home. Kind of like Gabe’s in some ways. The people were loud and rowdy and hard drinking and looking for a good time. Special thanks to Elmar from Radio Kultur for the radio interview and airplay in Berlin.

On our way out of town we saw the remnants of the Berlin Wall. I was not prepared for the size and scope of the wall. You can still see how starkly different life was on the two sides of this wall. East…very industrial and West being much more modern. Can’t imagine living on one side and actually seeing over to the other side and not being able to cross. It makes me sad that Israel is currently building a wall. I can’t imagine any wall between people ever really working in the long term. Anyway…the Berlin Wall was amazing to see. I’ll never forget it.

The tour is about done and I have to thank this amazing band Teddy Morgan, Atom Robinson, and Richard Medek. We had some great nights and sold out of all the CDs I brought with me. A very successful first tour. Also, thanks to Anton, our tour manager, who safely drove this bunch of Stroppe Waffle freaks all over Europe. And to Bas at Belmont Bookings and Rudiger at Trocadero Records…thanks for believing!

Well kidz…I’m going to Paris to hang with my wife for a week to celebrate 11 years of marriage. Take a little break from this music stuff. I have had to be uber social for three straight weeks which goes against my nature. Winter is coming soon which means hibernation is not too far off for this corn-fed bear.

Thank you to all my new friends on this side of the pond! You treated me so well… I’ll try to come back sometime… To old friends, I’ll be home soon.

“I should have never come back home, it’s not the same since I been grown”
- Steve Earle

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