Best of 2003

Hola and Happy New Year!

Another year done….stick a fork in 2003 baby and here’s to a great 2004!

Maybe we’ll even get ourselves out of Iraq and find Weapons of Mass Destruction on the moon just in time for George W. and the November elections. Bets anyone???

So here are my annual personal highlights for 2003:

- February 2003 gigs in Tucson and Phoenix for Teddy Morgan’s Freight CD release. It’s always a pleasure to play with Teddy and his band. We even recorded a couple new songs that will show up on a CD down the road. February is a great time to get out of Iowa. I’m going to New Orleans this year.

- Bo Ramsey getting up and playing the blues with us at Gabe’s in Iowa City. A very special night.

- Trocadero Records releasing House of Mud and the album making the German Rolling Stone’s Critics Top Ten List for 2003. Wunderbar!

- My first European tour. What can I say…I had a great touring band… we met and partied with Cracker…made many new friends and had a blast. Hope to do it again sometime. Finally got to meet Bas at Belmont Booking who made it all possible. A great guy! Rudiger at Trocadero as well…

- Gear Daddies reunion gig. Just plain silly….700 plus fanatics at this gig and they treated us Iowa boys very well.

- New recordings with John Svec….coming out in 2004. They may take away my alt-country roots-rock membership badge for this one….Thank god!

Well, I’m sure I’ve forgotten other special 2003 moments like seeing the Butter Cow at the Iowa State Fair gig, or people getting naked at the Magic Bus, or finally finding an electric guitar I like etc…

I’m a lucky boy, thanks to all these musicians who put up with me and played my tunes this past year….Teddy Morgan, Eric Straumanis, Marty Letz, Atom Robinson, Chris Poma, Richard Medek, Matt Winegardner, Bill Neff, Jon Penner, Steve Grams, Randy Davis, John Svec, Jim Viner, Dustin Conner and Dustin Busch.

I’ll be holing up in January/February 2004 and trying to finish up the new recordings. See ya in the spring and thanks for all the support in 2003. I’ll also be making some new changes to the website for 2004…stay tuned as the beat goes on…KP

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