Bloody Berlin

So I think I have officially lost my mind in Germany now. Last night was our final show in Berlin, Germany and it was a doozy….We played a club called K17 and the crowd had a black wearin’ goth vibe. I had cut my finger earlier in the day and proceeded to bleed during our performance. This seemed to go over well with this crowd… They were kind of quiet at first but we won them over with the hillbilly vibes and my cursing and bleeding…so the black wearin crowd took us downstairs to a goth party and dance with a dj and fog machine and some of the most bizarre people i have ever seen. goth dancing in berlin until 4am. i am so not in iowa anymore. words won’t do justice to what these eyes have seen in the past 24 hours. i am living a very strange life these days. a great way to end the german part of the tour.

we just saw the Berlin Wall which is always powerful and sobering. walls are bad i think.

so we are off to holland for the last week of the tour. dutch treats await and our tour manager bart is going to show off his amsterdam hometown which will be our base. we are all missing our wives, lovers and families…but having a really great tour.

rock star moment of the tour thus far: we were recognized and stopped in the streets of hamburg by a crazy music fan. really wierd and embarrasing. okay..we gotta drive.

“Don’t worry mama, I’m only bleeding”
- Bob Dylan

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