California Rain

So we have finally reached the rainy season here in California. It’s been raining the past three days and I’m not sure how long this period usually lasts. My sunglasses have been so pasted to my head that I think my eyes are in shock and awe at the gray cloud cover. Mudslides are hurting all the folks that were near the recent fires. Basically, all that burned area turns into a mud-slick when the heavy rains come….and that burned area was hundreds of acres so it’s a mess right now.

What an odd part of America. Hollywood is a nice place to get lost. People are friendly but very into their own thing. I’ve never seen this particular type of vanity….so out there in a celebrity fame-starved kinda way. (No offense to the Midwest stoic Aw-Shucks faux-humble of my birth region) It’s a whole different beast out here…You can smell the ambition and desperation on the twenty-somethings in the cafes on Melrose Avenue just dying to be seen or plucked off the street for the next reality TV show. Lots of court jesters looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

The people watching is truly amazing and Karen and I have been so entertained just taking it all in. We try each weekend to get out and see something new. Like New York, you do have to fight your way through lots of people and traffic to get anywhere or get anything done here. The other side of LA is the heartbreaking homelessness and poverty that is 24/7 on display. A good time for hope I think….

The rain is killing my mountain hikes this week…so I’m off now to walk the Silverlake streets. Silverlake is the hipster capital of Los Angeles….think emo boys and girls just discovering the early Who mod fashion style…and then throw in a Jesus beard. I might as well be entertained while exercising!

Be good and Happy Holidays!


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