HBO - True Blood

Just got word that HBO used a couple of my songs this past weekend in their hit True Blood vampire television series. “Wild Love” from Haymaker Heart album and old fave from Devil’s House Band days, “Fly on the Wall”, from Johnson County Snow album. On iTunes, “Wild Love” has instantly become my most downloaded song and I have gotten tons of strange emails out of the blue the past few days thanks to crazy True Blood blog links. Man…teenagers and vampire lovers really drive the cable TV economic engine it seems. I don’t normally get a heads-up, but I believe the new episodes air Sunday nights, 9pm EST and mine is called “Never Let Me Go”. Apparently they spin these shows into DVD’s at the end of the season, which is a good thing for obscure songwriters like me. Yeah vampires…

And on the sillier side… my song “Just Shoot Me” had 52 syndicated plays on CMT’s My Big Redneck Wedding television show. I guess it features 30 seconds of the song. I’m learning the subtle differences between a song being “featured” versus “background”. Basically, featured pays better. I don’t have HBO or CMT (Country Music Television) on my TV, but here’s a random sample of some of that fine CMT television artistry below.

Had fun playing a little backyard birthday party in the mountains yesterday. The ‘52 Gibson acoustic was a big hit with the 1-3 year old girls. Just like a magnet. Mothers…keep your daughters away from musicians!

I’m a busy bee these days. Lots of things going on…and not a lot of it musical. Such is life I suppose. I did get all my recording gear out of Midwest storage last week, so hopefully new sounds/song demos soon. Looking forward to more Dodger games in our hood. Ocean splashing. Griffith Park hiking and more western sunsets…

Happy Summer!

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