Cold Case

Special thanks to Kevin Marken (in the Iowa timezone), for giving me the heads up that last night my song “Crazy Girl” was used on the CBS show Cold Case. It was played with songs by Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney in a new episode called “Two Weddings”. I believe it will air again this Sunday night and hopefully be in syndication forever:) I’m guessing I’m not getting paid as well as those famous folks, but it was nice to hear the song mixed into the show story. I mean who doesn’t know a crazy girl who throws up in your yard and steals your cigarettes and money, right? I actually recorded that song live in an East Nashville garage studio with old friends Teddy Morgan and Richard Medek. And if I remember right, I was also sleeping in the garage studio during those sessions as Teddy was remodeling his house….while my current wife was calling constantly telling me to get my ass back up to Madison, Wisconsin:) My wife Karen, who can hurl with the best of them, may indeed be the original “Crazy Girl”....though as I get older and surrounded by more women, I’m thinking they’re pretty much all crazy girls…

Lots going on here in lala…just bought a fixer house in Los Feliz area of LA and hope to be recording these new songs soon. Doing lots of living, working, hiking, praying, songwriting, probably drinking too much, definitely not sleeping enough, ‘52 Gibson guitar plucking and still trying to get to the heart of things…

Happy March!

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