Cracker/Pomeroy, OH

Greetings from Madison…

I’ll be opening a show in Iowa City for Cracker Thursday 11/3 at The Mill. One of my all-time fave bands and songwriters. Lotsa piss-n-vinegar and humor. A huge influence on my angry side if you were ever wondering where the spirit and delivery of songs like “Folk This” and “21st Century Trailer Park” come from…Cracker turned me on to the pleasure and pain of Red Bull and whiskey at the Take Root Festival in Holland a couple years ago…a southern drink I believe. This is a David Lowery & Johnny Hickman duo show with tunes from Cracker, Camper, and Johnny’s new solo album (produced by Teddy Morgan). Tickets are $15 at the door and worth every penny to hear possible unplugged versions of “Take the Skinheads Bowling”, “Low”, Euro Trash Girl”, or “Teen Angst”. Ya’ll should come…

After the Cracker gig, we’ll be driving all night to the very southern tip of Ohio. Pomeroy, Ohio is on the Ohio river and the West Virginian border at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Gorgeous part of the country and one of my favorite places to play. We have a weekend gig at the Court Street Grill with uber club owner Jackie and friends….look out Pomeroy.

That’s about it…I’m selling my van if any of you musicians are looking for a ‘91 Ford Econoline with lotsa memories and a complimentary Purple Rain VHS video that I found while cleaning it out….hmmm, sounds very Atom.

In peace (mostly),

11/03 Thu The Mill Iowa City, IA
w/ Cracker
11/04 Fri Court Street Grill Pomeroy, OH
11/05 Sat Court Street Grill Pomeroy, OH
11/22 Tue Casbah (Songwriters in the Round) Madison, WI
11/26 Sat The Sanctuary Iowa City, IA

“What the world needs now is another folk singer like I need a hole in my head.” - Cracker

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