Dan’s Big Truck…

Happy June! So I just uploaded a song called “City at Night” as the second track for my 40-Weight free music project. Digging through all these old demos, this is probably the oldest song in the batch.

Some background…In 1996 I was playing in a band called Dan’s Big Truck. This band was very casual…getting together on Sundays to practice and record at United Action for Youth in Iowa City. It lasted about a year, we played one RAWK show at Gabe’s Oasis and then promptly found other things to do. The band was myself singing and playing electric guitar, high school classmate and all around great rocker guy Kylie Buddin on guitar, Matt Mordhurst on bass and Dan Heckl on drums. I had just bought the Roland digital recorder that I used to record 30-Weight and that I still use today. Vintage digital baby. This song also features me trying to play an electric guitar solo….very rare indeed.

I guess the last thing to mention about this song is that it was inspired by a murder. In 1996 an Iowa City artist named Eric Shaw was working alone in his studio late at night (as he often did) when a green and inept police officer mistook him for a criminal and shot and killed him. The cop got off, was transferred out of town and is probably inept somewhere else now. Thus the paranoid angry song vibe…and probably why I buried the tune and never perform it live.

So on that happy note….Enjoy! It’s a nice musical snapshot of 1996. To download the new song from this website, just click the Discography button on your right… or you can also go get the song at KP MySpace.

Oh yeah…for those who don’t know, I’m moving to Hollywood, California next month. Following my wife’s new gig and looking for some sunsets. I have no real plans other than learning to surf at 40! I’ll keep ya posted from lala land…

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