Des Moines New Year’s Eve!

So this just came together kinda last second… if you’re looking for New Year’s Eve fun in Des Moines I’ll be doing a band show at the Walnut Tap with Brother Trucker and Randy Burke… The Walnut Tap is located in East Des Moines at 2401 E Walnut Street. We all did a Johnny Cash tribute show here recently and it was a lot of fun. East Des Moines is where my grandfather grew up and learned to hustle pool…I like this venue. So come on out and boogie and celebrate another year of breathing… or just drink a lot and make vomit angels in the snow.

What else…this is the time of year when you get those holiday cards and letters from people reflecting on the past 12 months…I hate those letters but here’s some quick 2005 highlights for me.

- Moving to Madison, Wisconsin to be with my sweetie Karen…it has now snowed about 8 inches in the last 24 hours. I’m shoveling today…must be love.

- Releasing Haymaker Heart in January on my own little Leisure Time Records label in the U.S. and Trocadero Records in Europe. I’m still very happy with the CD and you should buy many copies if you haven’t already…and all my CDs are on sale right now. subtle huh?

- Touring Germany, Austria, and Holland again in February/March…and bringing my Iowa band along for their first Euro tour. Ya gotta share these things…

- Starting what will someday be my next album with Teddy Morgan in East Nashville…I’ll get back to that eventually. I miss all my friends in East Nashville… they helped make my transition from Iowa City bearable…

- Lots more local/national/international press and radio for my latest CD Haymaker Heart compared to my past albums…which is nice and makes it all seem worth the effort (well sometimes it does, see mars is near journal archives for my take on musical vanity run amok). Haymaker Heart has recently made some Best of 2005 lists in Holland, Germany, and a site I’m enjoying these days called

Special thanks to all of you who come to this silly web-site and continue to support my music, musings, and rants…

Happy New Year!

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