Digital Age…

So it’s becoming more and more clear to me that the digital downloading of music is going to replace the physical album someday as the dominant form…just as vinyl and cassettes went away when CDs hit the mass market…those hip little i-pods are more than a fashion statement i think…

It’s funny….if you had told me in 1998, when I put my first album online, that digital downloads would become about 30% of my music retail income by 2005…i would have said you’re nuts. But that’s where I am now…kinda crazy. The digital distribution agreement I signed with Redeye earlier this year is going well…i have 65 of my songs available now on i-tunes, napster, etc… feel free to sample/purchase individual songs…i prefer the i-tunes store but i’m a mac guy.

The sad part from my perspective is that you lose the album as it was created by the musician….which makes me wonder if I should keep making albums at all or just batches of new songs that I make available digitally every six months or so… The live show is still where physical CDs are sold the best…but more as a memento of the night I think… So here’s a top 10 list of my most purchased songs via digital download…a wierd buyer constructed cyber album that draws from all 4 of my studio albums.

1. Suzy
2. Young American (live)
3. Folk This (Kelly Cougar)
4. Johnson County Snow
5. Tiny Angel
6. Highway Home
7. West Side
8. Old Car
9. 21st Century Trailer Park
10. Drinking Alone Again

Don’t worry… I have some real live and in-the-flesh band shows coming in the next few weeks and I’m also booking a little tour down south in November. Keep your eye on the tourdates page and stay cool…and please don’t burn my CDs, you can afford 99 cents a song…

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