So I just got back from Orlando, Florida and we stayed at a conference hotel that was walking distance from the Walt Disney mecca…what a strange and bizarre world down there. I’ve only been to the state of Florida three times in my life and they have all been fun and truly bizarre experiences…

1) Daytona Beach spring break as a high school senior. Beastie Boys played on the beach, we drove a bitchin’ Camaro 19 hours and drank/smoked as only 18 year olds drink/smoke.

2) Key West playing at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville w/Teddy Morgan. We recorded my House of Mud CD by day and played to tourists by night. Swam in the ocean, rode bicycles, drank fruity drinks, ate Cuban food and never played one single Jimmy Buffet song. 911 hit as we were leaving Florida.

3) Orlando Disney. Freaky large adults wearing Mickey Mouse hats and Planet Hollywood snacks. Ever notice Mickey has only 4 digits on his hand? Kinda creepy with the loud Disney music blaring and I’m sure I have never been hit up as a consumer as hard as this…the parents have no chance with their kids once they hit Pleasure Island… Ever wonder what happened to Smashmouth and Spin Doctors? Playing Disney baby!

other random travel thoughts… I’m not sure when it happened and maybe it’s just me… but at the airports I couldn’t help but notice all the people with these new in the ear cell phones with blinking lights. They looked just like the Borg in Star Trek…seriously.

Up side to Florida. It was 75 degrees. When I came home to Madison it was 0!
‘nuff said.


“You guys should get your songs on the radio.”
“Why are you guys playing here? You should play the Pepsi Arena”
“You guys should consider doing a video and getting it played on MTV
or VH1.”
“You guys need to have a hit song.”
“Why don’t you guys try to get in a movie or a TV show?”
“You guys should travel in a bus, it would be a lot easier.”
“You guys should all dress in matching jump-suits.”
“You guys should tour with someone really big, like, say, Matchbox
“You guys would be huge in Europe. Have you played Europe your music?”
“You guys should sign with a bigger label, like Sony or Capitol.”
“You guys should play our big Hits 97.5 Summer Rock Festival.”
“You guys need a gimmick.”
“You guys should play Letterman. Why do you keep turning him down?”

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