Not sure how October snuck up on me so fast. Summer was a blur of house renovation and moving activity. Getting settled in now and digging the grand old house. Lots of chores to do with an old house and that seems to suit me OK. The leaves are just starting to show some signs of color. And much as I loved LA desert-like weather…there is really nothing like Fall colors in full bloom.

Just returned from 10 days in France. Had a ball in Paris, Burgundy, and Lyon. There was mucho rich food and music in the city of lights. Paris is like NYC in it’s pace…but Burgundy wine country was a bit like Iowa or rural Indiana. Slow and steady. We were treated so well by the French folks we met. Hope to go back again someday.

Musically, I’ve finally made some November plans to get back to studio mixing and recording the KP Horse Buyers project I started in June with John Svec. Have a couple new songs to add to that mix, so slowly making progress on release #7 to be named later.

Also ran into Iowa City friend/songwriter Pieta Brown recently and she asked me to join her around Turkey Weekend at The Englert Theatre November 30th for a nice hometown show/benefit. Tickets just went on sale for that at Englert. Should be a fun show if you’re around IC during Thanksgiving weekend.

I also have a November 2nd gig at Birdy’s in Indianapolis with Distal Down. It’s been fun to have a new rockin’ local band to blow the cobwebs off some of my twang rock tunes. We’ve been playing locally every month or so and plan to keep doing that as long as we’re all having fun. Guess I’m still plugging away in the musical open spots of life..

Coming into October and Scorpio now and for whatever reason that has been crazy dream season for me the past 4-5 years. We’ll see what dreams/songs may come…

Thanks for checking in!


“Mama she told me
I’d meet one like you.
Who’d break me to pieces
And leave me without any glue..”

Kelly Pardekooper

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