Oh how time is flying…February 2011 already? Happy Chinese New Year of the Rabbit says I gotta crazy year coming up. “Bring it” I says…can’t get more buried and high impact than my current lane without breeding or speeding.

It occurs to me that monthly updates on this old website is about all I can handle these days. Facebook has totally taken over my daily slice and silly LA photo musings…and most of my music email list is now following me on that Social Network devil site. So…I can’t emphasis enough that if you care about me and what I’m up to these days and wanna be my friend…hit the facebook link below for the latest news drama gossip goofiness etc. I’m not too picky…I accept most everyone. Bring yer tired masses.

In the meantime…here are some nice things you can/should do on this relic website when visiting:

1. Hit the Discography button to sample some music.
2. Buy albums from CD Baby links for those still craving the tangible compact disc with artwork.
3. Buy iTunes downloads through same above links for you mp3 instant gratification types.
4. Contact my publisher via Contact page and license my songs for your big budget film.
5. Contact Belmont Bookings via Contact page to get me playing some shows over the pond in Europe again soon.
6. Send me a note via Contacts page…but facebook message probably quicker.

That’s all I got from tipsy turvy lost in LA…

Be good and treat people well!


Kelly Pardekooper

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