So as I write this on a lovely February morning, it’s -6 degrees! Wow has this Winter in Indy been a strong one. So much snow and freezing. Quite the adventure with a 143 year old house and I’m told we haven’t had many Winters this cold ever. Glad I grew up in Iowa and got my cold chops back. And how can you ever really be warm if you’ve never been really cold? Still…a trip to Mexico is coming soon and will be a nice break.

Musically, I’m plugging along on the next release. Looking for a female Indy gospel singer today for one more backing track and then we’re off to mixing and mastering this project. Have been getting a good vinyl production education from some new Indy friends. Digging these new songs and having fun putting together the “TV Gold” collection too. I guess I’m at the point where it makes sense to release a more comprehensive set of songs. I have no idea how much I have left in the tank for the song muse…so I may as well blow it out now!

I sometimes forget how lucky I’ve been with music. And I didn’t really start until I was 30. The TV placements aside, some of my best friends in the world have been made through this sonic journey. Though I don’t get to see most of them as often as we’d like, they are some of my strongest friendships…that don’t require much maintenance after all the crazy tour/recording time spent together. I have tried to create music the best I can in the open slots of life. Those open slots have gotten smaller as I’ve gotten older and busier….but I’m still always grateful for the sounds. Wherever they come from…

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