Flat Black Studios

​Just finished tracking 12 new songs for my NINTH album at Flat Black Studios in Lone Tree, Iowa. Couldn’t be happier with the results and performances. The recording studio is in a converted barn out in the country and the weather was just gorgeous. Bo Ramsey produced and played guitar for these sessions and we had a crack band of old friends lending their talents. Album mixing and mastering in Nashville is up next. Think we captured some really great music moments. The songs range from pretty to pissed (per normal). It feels like Iowa. Nostalgic, wistful, country bluish..

That’s really all I got for you today..just wanted to shoot out a quick music update. I’ll keep you posted on this 50-Weight bookend album progress. Hope to have the new music ready for you sometime this Fall. And for real time silliness you can like my music page on Facebook or follow my Trump ranting on the Twitter or my current photo fave at Instagram.

Thanks for checkin in.


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