Just back from Iowa making funeral arrangements for my father-in-law who passed recently in Seoul. It was a slow seven month cancer passing. He was a really amazing man. An orphan from Korea who over the course of his lifetime raised three girls as a single father in the United States speaking very little English initially. Those three girls all became doctors as adult women…and there are very few women doctors in Korea. I think that’s why he raised them in Cedar Falls, Iowa where he was a mathematics professor at Northern Iowa University. After his daughters finished high school, he returned to Seoul, where he eventually became the President of KIAS, one of Korea’s most presitigious math institutes. He was wicked smart…think chaos theory level mathematics. He was also a quiet man and spoke kind of like Yoda. I once drove him to see his lawyer in Iowa and it was a three hour trip and we did not speak at all…and that was just fine. He loved Scotch and Karaoke. I was lucky enough to drink plenty of Scotch with him…but I regret that we never sang Elvis Karaoke together in Seoul. Cancer sucks. I will miss him…he was a truly amazing man.

So I just turned 42 and feel every bit that age with all the inner and outer scars that go along with a pretty good run….maybe this is middle age if I’m lucky! And I’m finally growing into my hairline:) One of my new songs has the lines “I’m still too young to not be moved. But too old to be improved. Out here in the middle, we got too damn much to lose.” That’s kinda how 42 feels. Life is crazy busy these days with the new fixer-upper house dominating most of my time. Lots of home contractors now. Good to finally be putting down roots again…seems I’ve been on the move since 2004 and LA is definitely home now. Summer Dodger games coming!

Gotta little show coming up April 23rd at The Viper Room in Hollywood. Factoid: Johnny Depp owned The Viper Room and it’s also where River Phoenix overdosed. Should be lovely….spread the word to all your flaky LA friends!

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