Free Music…

So Eric and I just made it back from Europe. Airport/Car Rental hell aside…a great time was had by all…many thanks to our friends over the pond for making us feel so welcome.

For you radio listeners in the US, I just got word Rob Reinhart will be featuring Brand New Bag on his nationally broadcast Acoustic Cafe radio show the week of April 16th. He loves the new album and it’s tough for an indie like me to get national airplay, so I’m very thankful for the radio time. I’m finding people either love or hate my new album…which is just fine with me and better than being boring I suppose. Just didn’t have another alt-country train beat from hell do it all over again CD in me this time….I think people fall in love with certain sounds and certain albums that conjure specific places and times. Twanger-bangers probably ain’t gonna like my next little Casio lo-fi project either…

Free Music: On my recent trip to Holland/Germany, I was made aware that there are some really good live recordings of my past few musical years that are available for free download online. You can get the shows free at Internet Archive. I think the best shows are The Mill - 12/9/06, Take Root Festival - 10/4/03, and Gabe’s - 5/11/01. Enjoy for free if you’re into live recordings. FYI, keep your eyes/ears out for an amazing recording from a 2005 Holland band gig we did called In The Woods. A friend just gave me a copy in Europe and it may be the best live recording out there…a stripped down unplugged band show. I haven’t found this show online yet, but it’s a good one.

What else…only a couple more band shows lined up to bid farewell to Eric Straumanis as he moves on to Colorado. End of an era for me as Eric has been my main guitar guy the past few years. You should come to these band shows and enjoy the rock a couple more times while we’re still bringing it…

Oh…and the new CD was Top 10 in sales at Miles of Music for the month of March. These folks have been great to me over the years…so go order it from them if you don’t already own Brand New Bag.

Jet lag sucks…it’s time to sleep.

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