Gear Daddies

Wow….what a weekend in Minneapolis! Pretty much every rock-n-roll cliche you can imagine. Minus the hookers and blow. Here’s the snapshot. The Fine Line was packed to capacity with 700 plus Gear Daddies fanatics. We had a plush dressing room with plenty of refreshments and the guys in the Gear Daddies were very nice to us. We needed a security gaurd to help get us to the stage and the crowd roared as soon as the lights hit us. It gave me goose bumps. I’ve played a lot of shows but this was quite special. They were really ready for music and made us feel very welcome at this party. I have never had people ask for my guitar pick after a show. Pretty silly considering my guitar skills so I sent them over to Eric Straumanis. These are the nights that make this insane lifestyle worthwhile…

On other fronts… we got some great news in duplicate this weekend from some of our longtime friends. Bass player/engineer/record label mogul Chris Poma is getting hitched to poet/novelist/original hellcat dancer Laurel Snyder. We also learned that songwriter extraordinaire Dave Olsen and the musician butt kicking Mindy Ash just got engaged as well. Congrats guys….it doesn’t hurt too bad.

What else….New Year’s is coming up. I’ll be at the Mill in Iowa City with the mighty mighty Joe Price. Should be fun.

Eventually… I will get back to recording the new stuff again. The Europe tour and the recent gigs and the holidays put that on hold for a bit but the cold weather should get me in the studio again.

I should also have the Live in Europe cd available pretty soon. A fun lo-fi document of my tour with Teddy Morgan, Atom Robinson, and Rich Medek as we made our way around Holland and Germany. Speaking of Europe… I just found out the Trocadero Records House of Mud release made the German Rolling Stone’s Top 10 critics list for 2003. Maybe I’ll get to go back and sample that wunderbar bier!

That’s all for now…the day job is calling and I’m pooped from the drive home from Minneapolis.

Peace and Happy New Year!

“If patience were a band, I would be her biggest fan”
- Elliot Smith - RIP

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