Gene Flores

Gene Flores is the artist who has kindly given me permission to use one of his original prints for the album cover of my new CD Brand New Bag. I love the print, and we have it hanging in our living room. The print is called Quien bien te quiere te hara llorar. which translates to Those who love you most will make you cry. He spent some time in Iowa City and you can check him out at Gene Flores. Dutch label Sonic Rendezvous will be manufacturing the CD as a matte digipak to try and do the best justice to the artwork. Very cool and no silly pictures of me.

We just got the CD master back, so I guess the process is starting again. You can sample a couple tracks at KP Myspace. It’s not an alt-country album. It’s not a folk album. It’s not really a rock album either. I’m not really sure where I fit….but I’m thankful that Sonic is an eclectic label and happy to be free to do whatever I want musically….Lord knows it doesn’t pay the bills. It is my best sounding album…the closest I have come to my own true voice I think. Many thanks to friend and producer Teddy Morgan for that.

Oh I do love how iTunes is making the album extinct. Here is the current Kelly Pardekooper greatest hits package according to iTunes digital sales from all 4 of my releases. Don’t laugh…some version of this could come out some day on the K-Tel label of obscure turn of the century songwriters…

1. Folk This (Kelly Cougar)
2. Young American (live w/Teddy Morgan)
3. Drown in Alcohol
4. Not in Iowa
5. 21st Century Trailer Park
6. House of Mud
7. Compromise
8. Tell Me (You’re the One)
9. Whatever it Was
10. Suzy

Big moon in Madison tonight. I’m reading Sherwood Anderson and Sartre. I have big gaps in my liberal arts education and am enjoying Karen’s amazing book collection. Stay tuned for more news and be good…

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