Made it to Germany. The beer is wonderful and they drive very fast on the highway (autobahn) and mein deutsch ist night so gut.

Here are some random symbols on this crazy German keyboard for some real time flavor…


The shows are going well. The promotional work by Trocadero Records has been great. I will actually get to meet Rudiger at Trocadero as well as some distribution and publicity folk tonight. Also, we will get to hook up with Tom Jessen at the show tonight and it is a full moon and the sun finally came out in Germany. Look out Fresno…

How about another guest journal entry? This time we will be honored by Tucson drummer Richard Medek.

Well, what do I say? Touring in Europe is always great, to an extent—it´s not as romantic as you would think, in fact, except for the fresh look and language, it´s pretty much routine… get up, quick breakfast, drive to the club, load in, soundcheck, dinner, play, load out, hotel. What makes these things do-able are the people you tour with, and, of course, the music. And both have been wonderful.

It´s been really exciting seeing everyone´s reaction to Kelly´s music… not many people here are familiar with him, and we´ve never been here (Germany) before, so it´s very rewarding when people dig it… I guess touring is kind of like your first day of school, when you´re just looking at each other uncomfortably until you find a few friends, and then it´s a ball after that. I know that might not make sense, but I´m tired and these German keyboards are weird… later,

Okay kidz ...gotta run….hope all is well in that pollen haze I call Iowa.

“Baker`s dozen beat back fish”

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