Germany and more…

Wow…what a whirlwind of travel, music, and activity this past week. The tour is going great, we have spent the last eight days doing shows in Germany and Austria. Got caught in a storm in the Austrian alps…scary but really beautiful.

The band is doing well….kind of the cough-n-hackin fightin’ colds tour so far, but we are having fun and the music is great.

Some highlights thus far. Went to a real European spa in Stuttgart. Natural sulphur mineral baths. It was great. The speedo swinsuit is alive and well in Germany baby. We did the spa in boxers…very cute. Also in Stuttgart…the band stayed up till dawn dancing in a nightclub. No pics from this one…sorry.

In Frankfurt…I locked drummer boy Matt Winegardner in the hotel room…errr accidentally. He survived, but won’t room with me now. Drummers…

In Munich…the night hotel man named Stefan, kept us up late drinking and telling us stories of Woodstock. We think he was delusional…but he was fun.

In Wetzlar…we had so much snow, the whole band was pushing the van up a hill in this cute little town.

In Reitwein….we had 400 people in former East Germany and they were so dancing and rocking it up. Our kind of town. Also…drummer boy Matt got to drive on the German autobahn…I was then forgiven for locking him in the hotel in Frankfurt.

Okay…I should go. We’re off to more driving, playing, drinking, sleeping, and basically taking more cat years off our lives. Ahh the glamour. Look out Hamburg.
See ya,

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