Goodbye 2004

So I’m sitting outside with an old Gibson acoustic guitar waiting for 2005. It’s very quiet and a balmy 65 degrees in Nashville tonight. I’m house-sitting for my buddy Teddy Morgan and his wife Gwen and watching their three dogs. The dogs (Pedro, Joaquin, and Boo) don’t seem too impressed right now with my new songs or my howling. This is the first time in years I haven’t played on New Year’s eve and it seems a good time for reflection.

2004… I don’t think I’ve ever been more ready for a year to end. I’m still recovering and bleary from the Radio Cafe gig last night…sometimes you chase the demons too hard so forgive me the melancholy vibe. It was a hard year for me. I’m pretty sure hearts and dreams were broken…including mine. Such is life….we go forward I guess and learn from the heartache and hopefully become wiser for the wear.

Not all sad though in 2004…some good music was made. I’m very happy with the new CD “Haymaker Heart” and you should buy one right now if you don’t have a copy. Maybe buy two copies so you have a backup. See what I did there? I went from fluffy weepy artsy boy to marketing guru in the wink of an eye. 21st century emotional multi-tasking or schizophrenia? You can decide for yourself. Actually, I think I’m still just kinda drunk and not sure what to do with myself tonight as Nashville is gearing up for the New Years blowout. You can feel it in the air…

I should stop this silly rambling….have a great New Year people! I appreciate the support and love you have given me this year. Like most folks, I’m still just working on becoming a better man and looking for some harmony. Lets hope for a more peaceful 2005…and go buy my new CD right this minute. See I just did it again there…

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