Goodbye 2010

Just back from a whirlwind holiday music and wedding trip to Iowa and Chicago….these palms at LAX always make me happy to be home when winter is involved. I can’t thank Iowa City and my old band-mates Eric, John and Matt enough for the show 12/26. Packed house and crazy dancing ‘til close…what an amazing night. Hard to believe more than three years had gone by since we last brought the rockin’ band out of hibernation. It was a great reminder of how many friends I have made through this odd musical journey of mine. Thank you all so much for that support! It was just what I needed to end this year.

2010 was a really hard year. Lots of life changes beyond the new zip code, cell number and CA license plates. The heart just got rocked in 2010. I lost family members and friends that were as close as my familia. If I learned anything from this painful year…it’s that your heart can stretch without breaking completely. Life is so short and as I get older I do try and stop to appreciate the people still in my life who love me. And I will always miss those that left my life this year…

This website started as a music site 13 years ago and I wish I had more music news for you. My music passion has always been a funny thing that slid into the open slots of my regular life. A heart on sleeve musical reporting on the melody of life as I lived it. These days it’s been harder to find those open spots. Gotta lot of new songs I hope to record and share and I’ll keep ya posted as I try to make that happen in 2011. Facebook has actually been a nice surprise this year…a great way to re-connect with the people who have followed me and cared about my music over the years. I would encourage you to “friend me” at the facebook link below as I tend to use that real-time silly photo posting news option a lot. The day to day slice of life constantly amuses me here in lala land. People who know me well, know that I’m a silly goofball at heart….the melancholy tends to live more in my songs. I will give facebook credit for letting the nerdy goofball out more.

That’s all I got. Happy New Year…try to be kind and true to your heart people!


Kelly Pardekooper

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