Hello music friends.

It’s been a busy couple of months since the October release of Milk in Sunshine. Thanks to everyone who came to the release shows and bought the new album. Your support over the past 16 years is truly appreciated. If you still need to buy the new album, I’ve linked all the retail options below. Special music biz thanks to Joe Swank for the radio promotion work. And CMT for playing the new music video. And Black Toast Music for all the TV song placements over the past six years!

Looking forward to shutting down the music promotion and going into hibernation mode. Got a new/old Martin D28 that I’m going to spend some time with this Winter. See if any new songs say hello. As I’ve gotten older I’ve increasingly lost my stomach for too much self promotion/touring. Feels like I’ve been adored enough and have gotten more attention than any one human really deserves. I’m grateful for my obscure TV troubadour status and I would guess my songs will be haunting your television shows for many many years of syndication. And I’m very thankful for my busy life/wife and full-time newspaper gig at NUVO to keep me balanced. Not sure what I have left in the music/song tank at this point…but I promise to share any new songs that come bubbling up..

Below are the many ways you can sample/buy the new album. Please check out my Discography page if you want to dig deeper into my catalog. As always, thanks for checking in. KP

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