Goodbye LA!

Truth be told…I’m probably leaving part of my heart out here by the ocean somewhere. Maybe we get more sentimental as we get older, but my four years in LA will always remind me of losing family and friends that were close as family. I guess that’s part of the life cycle…you inevitably start to lose some of the people you love and care about most…

As I write this quick website update, my house is now sold and packed up and we’re getting ready for the slow road trip East to Indianapolis. Stops coming up in Vegas, Grand Canyon, New Mexico, Amarillo, OKC and the Lake of the Ozarks. My last Western bucket list stop will be finally seeing the Grand Canyon!

As promised, some random personal final thoughts on LA in no particular order:

- LA is like SPANX…or LULU LEMON. A cover up that hides what’s really underneath. Selling the illusion without the workout. What’s really underneath may not be so pretty.
- LA is full of madness. You see it on the streets. Warm weather protects the crazies year round but the city can’t.
- LA never has a hard freeze. A hard freeze kills the vermin…and LA could use a bit of that.
- LA is plastic. An easy cliche but the superficial style over substance factor is off the charts in this “me” obsessed city.
- LA is full of gold diggers. It’s a high art form here. Women looking for attachment to fortune or fame. And aging gold diggers are the saddest. Mirror don’t lie and younger versions arrive daily.
- Bling is King for many people in LA. Shoes, purses, cars, jewelry. That’s what keeps lots of lonely people warm at night in LA.
- LA is broke. The schools, the economy, the streets, the health care. Broke as in poor and broke as in needs fixed.
- LA is too expensive. Everything costs more here for no good reason. No way for most folks to save for retirement. Sunshine tax is too high and Pacific is cold.
- LA is full of cars. Most people in LA spend so much of their life stuck in traffic. Quality of life killer and still the worst air in America.
- LA is dirty. The dust and grit in the city never gets cleaned by rain.
- LA is 14 million people. I worry that a large earthquake would not bring out their better nature. Civil only as long as the water lasts. And LA doesn’t have much water.
- I’ve met the kindest people in the world in LA.
- I’ve met the worst people in the world in LA.
- Guys aren’t really guys in LA. Too much mirror time.
- Hello Kitty didn’t exist before LA.
- I never texted before LA.
- I found my music publisher in LA.
- I love LA.
- Sang karaoke with Dr. Tolo in LA.
- Probably lost my way in LA.
- I’ve done my time in LA.
- Goodbye LA!

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