Grizzly Adams

Remember that show? I think I’m getting in touch with my Grizzly Adams side right now. I haven’t shaved in two weeks. The past couple weeks I’ve been working on a house in East Nashville for a buddy of mine doing some painting and light construction. I’m still stunned that it’s warm enough to work outdoors in Tennessee in December. Warm enough to get a little sunburn on my pasty white Iowa nugget. The fresh air and ladder work has been good for the soul. I’m working with a guy named Bo who has lived here all is life and is the best painter I have ever seen…he’s been telling me funny stories and has a dog on the job-site named Sugarmama. There are so many dogs in this neighborhood it’s kind of silly. We listen to the classic rock station on the job-site, which seems mandatory. It’s been making me a little nostalgic listening to ZZtop, ACDC, Skynyrd, etc… Good though to remember I was a 16 year old kid once dying to see metal shows in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It was really the only game in town growing up in the 80s. Hard to admit you still know the words to Scorpions and Def Leapard classics as they drift up to you on your ladder. The sun is shining and life is good I think.

So…in music news. I’m just waiting for my shiny new CD to arrive at my door. You can pre-order now if you’re just dying for it…but I’ll let you know when they’re ready to ship and I’ll be setting up some CD parties in Iowa City and Nashville. Looking forward to the Europe tour and glad to be taking some Iowa boys along this time. Eric Straumanis will be the guitar hero, Matt Winegardner will be the tub-thumper, and John Svec will be the bottom end bass harmony guy. John and I also produced the new CD together.

Back to the ladder for me. Enjoy the xmas holiday ya’ll.

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