Guns & God Missouri

So…I’ve been hangin’ out in Missouri in a little cabin on the Ozark lakes. Kind of detoxing from the insane past six months and preparing for the Nashville move. Missouri and Iowa are border states, but the vibe down here is tough to put my finger on. Guns & God rule, followed closely by Cars & Boats. I’m pretty sure I was the only one driving a Toyota in the entire county. These are things you notice as you hit rural southern America. Ford, Chevy, and Dodge. Who needs the Mason Dixon Line when you got parking lots and Jesus signs to tell you where you are and where your soul is going?

What? You thought you were going to get KP music news? Okay…here’s the latest… There’s talk that my new recordings will be released in Europe around the end of the year with tour support in Germany/Holland in February/March 2005. I’m still not sure how the new tunes will be released in North America. I know some of you have been emailing me impatiently and I appreciate your enthusiasm and ravenous hunger for new material. Unfortunately, this business of music is kind of nutty and it takes time to sort it all out. The reality is that unless music is your hobby, the completely inspired/blissful/easy part of writing and recording new music must be followed by the no-nonsense get your ass in the van/book shows/promote the heck out of the record for 1-2 years. This second part is where a little help in booking, ad promotions and national CD distribution would be great. That’s what I’m working on so stay tuned. I promise I won’t make you wait much longer as I’m fully capable of a DIY release.

That’s about it for now. I’m needing more coffee and a bike ride is calling my name. I’ll keep you up to date as the beat goes on….KP

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