So Hamburg is the naughty city in Germany I think. A port harbor town with a long history of sailers coming in to port. Kind of like a more kinky New Orleans if you can believe that….

We went to the Star Club where the Beatles started…great fun for a band of music geeks. Our super northern Germany promoter Benno actually had a chunk of the original Star Club stage. Yes…we are total music geeks and Benno has been the best host. They have asked me back for an open air festival in September…so it seems my Euro karma may continue.

Finally have a day off…my poor voice and throat needs the rest. too much smoke and drink and driving and german bread and meat etc… i am eating better on this tour than i do at home. i think we have hit 3000 kilometers traveled now.

my senses have been in overload for a while now. getting numb to all the new constant input. kind of like living in a kaliedoscope. i am sure i probably spelled that word wrong…but my head is really not working well today.

okay…gotta run. pray for us and please send these iowa boys some strength. we are coming berlin…

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