Happy New Year!

Happy New Year music friends! Hoping winter is treating everyone well. We’ve had crazy snow and cold this past week in the Midwest and I’m looking forward to some warm California and Mexico time soon for a nice weather break. And it occurs to me that 2014 marks the end of my traveling decade. In 2004 I started my moves from Iowa City=>Nashville=>Madison=>Los Angeles=>Indy. Ready to rest for a bit:)

Been busy mixing some brand new songs and also gathering my “Greatest Hits” collection of television tunes for my next releases. I’m hoping for some quick music input from you guys on how you’re getting your music these days. Having never released any of my music on vinyl, I’m kind of psyched to create a big beautiful album package that contains a whole lot of music and art.

Simple Question: If you’re a vinyl buyer, would you prefer a CD or Digital Download included with your album? I have this new KP Newsletter you can hit below to provide any input on your current music format preferences. I appreciate any feedback you can offer…it’s getting harder for an aging indie to keep up with all the music trends.

I will also have CD and Download only versions available for folks not into the vinyl resurgence. Appreciate your input and I’ll keep you posted on the new 2014 music.

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Kelly Pardekooper

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