So I’m about two months into this facebook virtual distraction. It’s been fun catching up with a lot of old friends and posting odd LA pics in real time via cell phone. Not so scary living out loud in the fast moving 2010. If you’re on facebook, you should go “like” my music facebook page below as I’ve been unpacking my iMac and loading lotsa pics and videos to that page. Also found a box of 100 more Haymaker Heart CDs while unpacking storage. Thought this title was gone for good. Just click Discography link to get your CD copy before they only exist as mp3s on iTunes etc.

This Elliot Smith video below reminds me of my Los Angeles neighborhood and the garage demo process. It’s pretty much exactly how I record rough song demos…alone with one mic on my guitar and voice. The songwriting process is so strange and unpredictable. It’s really just been this past year that new songs have come pouring out like tears held back too many years. So it goes I guess…thank God songs still come. I must still need them…cheaper than therapy…but awfully rough on the heart this year.

I’m back to hiking, working, song construction, happy-hour beers, headphones, healing, Dodger games, prayer, scotch nights with Paul, house renovation….and really just trying to stay busy and hold it together best I can in tipsy turvy lala land…

Signing off and bowing out for now…


Kelly Pardekooper

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KP iTunes Top Ten:

1. Wild Love - HBO True Blood

2. Fly on the Wall - HBO True Blood

3. Crazy Girl - CBS Cold Case

4. Young American - Live with Teddy Morgan

5. 21st Century Trailer Park

6. Tell Me (You’re the One)

7. Drown in Alcohol

8. Folk This (Kelly Cougar)

9. Mehaffey Bridge

0. Just Shoot Me

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