Haymaker Kudos

Hey ya’ll. Wanted to share some nice Haymaker Heart kudos that have been coming in this week. Must be my time for the universe to be giving me some positive reinforcement. This stuff probably doesn’t mean all that much as I’m still on a ladder house-painting in East Nashville…but since I’m in promotion boy mode these days I figured I could let ya’ll into my crazy little email, telephone, interview hatin’, self-absorbed, ego-maniacal world. So it goes when you switch from song to sales hat. Can I get a little more ME in the monitors please? Jeez. Anyhoo…

Here is the January 2005 edition of the monthly Euro Americana Chart. Thank you Robbie and Jorg for this radio promotion work…it should help the Feb/March tour.

1. Kelly Pardekooper/Haymaker Heart/Trocadero
2. Alison Krauss/Lonely Runs Both Ways/Rounder
3. David Ogilvy/Mockingbird/Thumbpick Rec.
4. Iris DeMent/Lifeline/Flariella Rec.
5. Heather Waters/Shadow Of You/Redd Fogg Rec.
6. Blaze Foley/The Oval Room/Lost Art Rec.
7. Ralston/Carwreck Conversations/Soft Butter Rec.
8. John Pinamonti/JP 3/Self rel.
9. Walt Wilkins/Mustang Island/Corazong
10. Liz Meyer/The Storm/Strictly Country
11. The Rosavelt/The Story of Gasoline/Gaff music
12. Nels Andrews/Sunday Shoes/Little Kiss Rec.
13. Alastair Moock/Let it go/Moock Music
14. Paul Metsa/Texas In The Twilight/Loudhouse Rec.
15. Kristin Mooney/Kristin Mooney/Sin City Rec.
16. Eleni Mandell/Afternoon/Trocadero
17. Gina Villalobos/Rock’nRoll Pony/Laughing Outlaw Rec.
18. One Star Hotel/Good Morning, West Gordon/Stereo Field Rec.
19. Rod Picott/Girl from Arkansas/Welding Rod
20. Two Cow Garage/The Wall Against our Back/Sonic RendezVous

What else….No Depression magazine is gonna profile me and the new Haymaker album shortly after the Euro tour. Ironic that they’re covering the least alt. country thang I’ve ever done…but hey…maybe they’re changin’ too… we all gotta allow for change…

Just got word that my song “Tell Me (You’re the One)” has moved from Semi-Finals to the Finals of the International Songwriting Contest. It made the Top 50 out of 11,000 songs. Winners announced at the end of March. Come on Garth…are ya listening? This song is sooo for sale or rent. Maybe I’ll win a Yamaha microphone if I’m lucky…

Same tune is also being put on a “Local Nashville” CD sampler marketed downtown…mostly to tourists in Nashville, New York, and Los Angelas. If I pray really hard…maybe…just maybe I’ll get my CD into Starbucks someday…

What else…in electronic land. My song “Not in Iowa” is the #2 all-time Americana soundtrack tune at There ya go Mr. Tarantino…can you ever really have enough murder ballads? Of course not…I’ll sell it cheap.

Miles of Music has also just added Haymaker Heart to their fab mailorder catalog. For those of you who don’t know, this company is da bomb. They have sold my CDs from day one and are great folks to work with. So…when I’m on tour in Feb/March, you should order my music from them. You will get your music much quicker than waiting for me to get back from Europe. I have Miles of Music on my handy links page to your right and that will get you right to the music.

So that’s my braggin’ for the day/week/year… now go buy yourself one of my shiny new Haymaker Heart CDs so I can fly my band to Europe.
In peace (mostly),

“Someone hit the big score, they figured it out. We’re gonna do it anyway, even if it doesn’t pay.”
- Gillian Welch

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