Hello 2008!

So I made it to 2008…sweet. Big changes coming this year. California sunset dreaming and losing this Wisconsin snow shoveling…

It’s been a good year. Special thanks to Joanna at Sonic Rendezvous for helping get the new album Brand New Bag out to my friends in Europe. Same to Frank at Burnside in Portland. We continued to rage against the machine and piss into these fickle musical winds which play more like a slot machine every year…

I can’t complain…life is damn good for me these days. Great wife, great job, good friends…warm, safe and dry…blah blah blah.

One of my best musical friends in the world taught me that music doesn’t owe you a living. This year I think I learned that this credo works both ways… that I don’t owe music my life either. We just sorta hook-up when it’s convenient.

So off we go into 2008… Per usual, I’ll be mostly off the grid and under the radar working out new tunes/sounds. Into the breach(beach). As always, I appreciate your interest and support. Feel free to purchase a CD securely while you’re here…or go buy the KP hits at iTunes for you 21st century hipsters.

Stay Gold…

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