Hello 2009

Happy New Year surfers!

Ahh….it seems only yesterday we were all freaking out about turning over the year 2000. I’ve had a pretty good decade on planet earth and have much to be thankful for. Thanks to all of you who came along for the ride….musically and otherwise.

Going forward, it’s been a busy few holiday weeks for me. It looks like I have finally connected with a music publisher that’s going to take on most of my 50-song back catalog of music and try and get some tunes placed in TV/FILM. Basically extend their life and hopefully expose them to new people. And maybe even generate some extra income (gasp). This five months in LA has been a great crash course education on copyright law, master recordings, ASCAP versus BMI, and the music publishing biz. Not for the faint of heart….or anyone that takes themselves or their music too seriously. Millions of fish swimming in this big ole’ pond by the Pacific.

Just heard that this past 2008 year was the first time mp3 downloads beat album sales for total US dollars in the music biz. You knew it would happen eventually. I’ll miss the better sounding audio of CD’s, but am happy that my whole song catalog will be available and outlive me digitally via iTunes etc. Can you imagine estate planning so your grandkids get the download $ from Brand New Bag or Johnson County Snow in the year 2079? It’s a brave new world babe…and it moves digital fast!

Another nice surprise is that I’m actually writing some new song sounds this past couple months. They used to fall out of me, but I’ve slowed in my writing the past couple years. I’ve learned that you can’t really push these things and I’m not sure what I have left to say musically….but I still listen for the muse and try to follow her when she appears. I call her Eva like my GPS. We’ll see if this new batch shakes out.

That’s all I got. We’re liking Los Angeles and will probably stay if we can find long term work to pay the sunshine bills. The sights, sounds, weather, diversity etc. is all a good fit. Mostly, I think I like the “Lost in LA” anonymous vibe. All these untold stories and something new everyday just by walking out your front door. Definitely not in Iowa anymore…



“Grandma’s Rosary” set to public domain…

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