Hello people!

Just back from Los Angeles and feel I’ve been in a travel whirlwind the past few months. Lots of changes for me to end 2015. A few months ago I left my alt-weekly newspaper gig at NUVO in Indy. Anyone who has followed me the past 15 years knows I love alt-weekly newspapers and they’re very connected to my University of Iowa education/background. And other than music, weekly press has always been my main gig having worked at three alt-newspapers over the years. So many great people at was a wonderful way to be introduced to all things Indy. NUVO is going to publish a cover story on my odd musical journey later this month! Update: NUVO cover story right here!

So I’ll be spending more time working on new songs/recordings in 2016. I’ve been lucky to have a very patient and active music publisher who has always been supportive of my songs. Life is funny. When I left East Nashville a decade ago to follow my wife’s medical career, I never thought she would eventually lead me to Los Angeles and a whole new life for my song catalog. I guess the moral would be follow your heart ya’ll!

And in recent music news, I just got word that my song “Just Shoot Me” is going to be used in an upcoming film called All We Had. Releasing sometime in 2016, the film stars Katie Holmes and Luke Wilson! This film will be debuting in NYC at the Tribeca Film Festival. So there’s that little news nugget from the universe nudging me along to keep plugging away at the songs. My music career pretty much equals slow turtle. And boss lady would agree I’m beginning to actually look like a slow turtle. #MySpiritAnimal

Here in Indiana, I’ve been working with a new 4-piece band. Guitarist Thom Woodard, bassist Steve Pruden, and drummer Mark Cutsinger ( Zero Boys drummer). We’ll be recording my next batch of songs this Summer with Paul Maher producing in Bloomington. The Indiana chapter begins..

In my music world, the end of 2015 is a chance to review my song catalog reports and see which shows used them. I’m often asked how the music publishing biz works…and there’s really no simple easy answer. I’ve worked at songs a long time. I’ve had some luck…and I’ve made some luck too. I do think every musician has their own unique path and definition of success. For me, the older I get, the more humble and grateful I become. I have learned a few things over the past six/seven years working with my music publisher. Here are a few observations to date.

It’s a numbers game: I have a lot of songs in my seven album catalog, so my overall chances for TV/Film use are greater. Music publishers are going to be more interested in larger catalogs of songs.

It’s a big old world: As my songs are being used in America, they will eventually be used (paid) internationally too.

Syndication is king: Songs in popular shows that are syndicated will play forever. And probably pay forever. (True Blood, Sons of Anarchy etc.)

Keep writing/recording: Seems obvious, but keeping your head down and working your craft can never really stop. Always new things to learn/try.

And finally, here’s a snapshot below of the shows/songs that paid in 2015. Your entertainment is my tax preparation this time of year! As always, thanks for checking in! KP


Blue Bloods - Drown in Alcohol

Cold Case - Crazy Girl

True Blood - Fly on the Wall

True Blood - Wild Love

True Blood - Can’t Go There

Sons of Anarchy - Tell Me (You’re the One)

Justified - Crazy Girl

Justified - Not in Iowa

Chicago Fire - Yonder

#BikerLive - Yonder, Not in Iowa, Waterloo

Make It Or Break It - Too Late

The Young & the Restless - Tell Me (You’re the One), Too Late

Wife Swap UK - I Suppose

Pretty Wild - I Adore, Hayseed Girl, Too Late

Life’s Funniest Moments - Crazy Girl

Jerseylicious - Too Late


All We Had - Just Shoot Me

April Moon - Quiet Tonight

Sex and the USA - Brand New Bag

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