So we are back in Amsterdam and enjoying the city life. It’s our home base and we have been shooting out to smaller towns for shows the past couple days. I really love Holland…the rural landscape not so different from Iowa really.

We are staying in a great South Amsterdam flat with our tour manager Bart and there is a cool outdoor market that is open every day. Lots to take in here. A cool city…

We are down to the last couple shows and have that thousand yard stare that bands get after a month of being in vans, hotels etc… I think we have hit 5000 kilometers on this tour and are a bit fried. A suitcase full of dirty clothes, toothbrushes smelling of whiskey, smelly boys in a van…ahh the lovely glamour of road life as a musician. Should of been a lawyer probably….some much needed social hibernation is coming I think…

The Dutch treats like Stroppe waffles, coffee shops, and the local beers have also been wonderful. Thanks to everyone for all the emails…sorry I can’t return them all…it’s been a crazy month…glad ya’ll liked the shows and new CD.

Gotta run now…the last push and then back to Iowa and Nashville.

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