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I have to admit that four months in I’m starting to get used to the pace of Los Angeles. The recent earthquake and now fires this past weekend sorta make sense for this unstable feeling city. Like a dream, it’s as if you are living at the edge of the earth and very near end of days. We’re not supposed to go outside now due to bad air quality. The hazy smoke all over the city this weekend was like a big campfire with ashes on my car and on the beach. Missing my daily hikes…but embracing the odd communal feeling in the neighborhood. LA folks are so serene about it all. I’m sure you have seen the photos. When the Santa Ana winds kick up to 60-80 mph, the fires rule….period. There is very little you can do but get outta the way and let Mother Nature rage. We live pretty safely in a concrete jungle part of the city, but the smoke is insane. So there’s my weekend update….back to odd-jobbing.

Killing the Myspace account has been wonderful. Very freeing. It’s kind of forced me to archive and organize a lot of photos that have been hanging around. You will slowly start to see more Posted Tour Pics, music content etc. on my website. I’ll try to create more Youtube videos too….I used to love video art in college and now I have a Mac that can handle that type of expression.

What else… I just finalized licensing my song “Brand New Bag” for the film Sex and the USA. Not sure when it’s coming out but I’ll keep you posted from Hollywood on my copyright exploitation adventures in lala land.

Also, I’m heading back to Iowa City for my annual Turkey weekend show at the Sanctuary 11/29. Been doing this gig over a decade now. I’ll have old friend Marty Letz sitting in on pedal steel but you never know who will be around for the holidays.

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