Good lord it’s hot in the Midwest right now! Maybe everywhere…my friends in Europe are getting baked right now too…glad to be hanging in the A/C today.

You gotta love technology. Today, my buddy Teddy Morgan is working on mixes for the new CD in Nashville and emailing me mp3 demos so I can listen in Madison. How friggin’ cool is that? We’re putting artwork together and it all seems to be happening again. Thank god for Sonic Rendezvous believing in the project and taking care of me from Europe.

In the meantime I have been helping Bo Ramsey work his new CD Stranger Blues to some select blues/roots radio stations and that has been fun. It is so great sometimes to get away from your own shit and work on projects you believe in. If you have not done so yet….buy it at Bo Ramsey today!

That’s all I got. Some select shows coming up in Chicago, Iowa City, and Madison…so come out if you can.
Stay cool…

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